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Who We Are

who we are

Too many artists don’t ‘make it’ in the industry, never getting the opportunity to share their artistic voice with the world. 


CoExist seeks to create a space where the artists, particularly those who are emerging, can learn the tools they need to turn their dreams into reality. CoExist is a community-driven support network, in which emerging artists can be supported in creating opportunities, stimulating professional and personal growth, education & creative collaboration.

We aim to provide this platform for young artists to establish, maintain and continue to grow a fruitful, viable artistic career. We aim to teach and educate how to create a sustainable career in the arts and seek to provide accessible creative opportunities to all.


Kristen and Tenae are contemporary-trained emerging artists based out of Melbourne. They discovered an interest in creating & choreographing work prior to completing their training under the likes of Paul Malek, Jayden Hicks, Bradley Chatfield, Adam Wheeler, Paea Leach, Kyall Shanks, Kayla Douglas, Harrison Hall and Cass Mortimer Eipper at Transit Dance. 


Curiously minded, Kristen and Tenae centre their choreographic practices around improvisation and exploration of unique artistic decisions that reflect and ponder on the relationship between creative disciplines. 


They currently endeavour to create spaces where the creativity of individual artists can flourish and grow, advocate for collaboration, and seek to support and uplift a community that is accessible to all people, regardless of their professional experience. 

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