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11th & 12th October 2022

@ Ballers Clubhouse


A deep dive into the ridiculous, social reality of the human condition, Unapologetically, Me highlights the overly repentant nature of society and the social constructs that people vigorously conform to. It is an exploration into the things we constantly apologise for that are just a part of being human. The dancers observe the way people act when they think they are not being watched and look to engage with the question of what it means to be adamantly yourself. 

Choreographed by Jack Birdseye and Angelica Menta 

Performed by Byron Lewis,Tenae Smith, Kristen Cafari, Holly Pearce, Mara Galagher, Ellie Murtagh, Andrea Marsic, Maddie Knight, Gemma Sattler , Xander Soh

Produced by Tenae Smith

Curated by Kristen Cafari 

Supported by:

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