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Jack Birdseye

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Jack (20, born and raised in Melbourne) is a contemporary artist currently completing his third year of full-time dance (Graduate Pathway) at Transit Dance. Within his time at Transit Dance, Jack has had the pleasure of working with artists and choreographers such as Cass Mortimer Eipper, Chimene Steele-Prior, Kayla Douglas, Callum Mooney, Malika Berney, Alya Manzart, Bradley Chatfield, Jayden Hicks, Lachlan Hall and Paul Malek. Throughout his time at Transit Dance, Jack has found a true passion in creating and making and hopes to further his choreographic skills and techniques throughout his final year at Transit Dance.

When he’s not dancing, Jack takes interest in fashion and styling. He enjoys keeping up with trends, brands/designers and curating new and creative looks. Film/tv is also within Jack’s main interests. The action both behind and in front of the camera. Jack is soon to be seconding with Australasian Dance Collective in October and Stephanie Lake Company later this year.

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