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Holly Pearce

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Born and based in Melbourne, since the age of three, Holly has enjoyed training in many disciplines.

Holly found her passion for Contemporary Dance and Art studying at Transit Dance, completing her Certificate IV and Diploma in Elite Performance (2017 - 2020). In this time working with choreographers such as Gabrielle Nankivell, Adam Wheeler, Cass Mortimer Eipper, Alice Lee Holland, Bradley Chatfield, Daniel Jaber, Paea Leach, Harrison Hall, Chimene Stelle-Prior, Jayden Hicks and Paul Malek.

Holly finds creativity in the structure and order of life. She has a passion for teaching dance to younger generations and a keen eye for home organisation and decor.

Holly has collaborated in the making of a dance on film “TESTED” (2020) and short work “AFTERMATH” (2019).

Holly has been fortunate enough to apprentice with Transit Dance Company on a project in 2021 and attend a Secondment Week at Dancenorth in 2019. In 2020, Holly became part of cFour Collective - a collective of contemporary dance artists currently based in Melbourne.

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