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Current Projects 

Give Me A Microphone & Some Warm Bodies

Give Me A Microphone & Some Warm Bodies’ is a collaborative initiative established by CoExist Collective.  Founded on the notion of fostering sustainable artistic practices for emerging artists, ‘Give Me A Microphone & Some Warm Bodies’ provides two emerging artists with a platform to share the things they want to say and make the things they want to make.  In 2023, CoExist commissioned Angelica Menta & Byron Lewis to create two original contemporary dance works. We are extremely proud to have supported Angelica & Byron in choreographing the first iteration of their works, ‘Layered Point’ and ‘Cover Me [In F*cking Glitter]’.  Their creative voices are a testament to a community of emerging artists who continually inspire unique vision and dedication to creating a space which honours the future of Australia’s vibrant cultural landscape.  This double bill season is the culmination of hours of dedication, exploration, and collaboration, and is a reflection of CoExist's mission to provide opportunities and support emerging artists within an uplifting and supportive environment.

Layered Point

26th - 29th Oct 2023
Transit Dance Factory

A mandala is a geometric configuration of symbols, a beautiful accumulation of patterns and shapes that layer around an initial centre. ‘Layered Point’ explores how the structure and concept of a mandala is reflected through the stages and lessons we experience in life.

Within this sacred sphere, six bodies begin examining themselves, each other and their surroundings in a space completely untouched. As they delve deep into the layers of the circle, they start to question their purpose and seek to find a sense of belonging. Ultimately, they traverse through the landscapes that have formed our individual mandalas, our lives, our universe, in an attempt to identify their significance to the centre point.

Choreographer | Angelica Menta

Creative Assistant | Jack Birdseye

Performers | Andrea Marsic, Angus Syben, Alycia Siomos, Holly Pearce, Misch Kurzeme, Paris Robinson

Sound Design | Damian Meredith


Cover Me [In F*cking Glitter]


I just wanna cover myself in glitter. I wanna run, I wanna scream. Someone please, just cover me in f*cking glitter.

A depiction of the internal rage we experience as young adults.

This work explores the complexity of adolescent rage and the various ways it manifests, from the perspectives and lived experiences of the cast and creative collaborators. 

From flaunting the perfectly curated cute-sexy-slay outfit for a night at the club, to screaming into a pillow after what always feels like the worst day of your life, we welcome you to a world where emotions rule. 

Scream, cry, laugh, smile... and be free to let the rage run wild.

Choreographer | Byron Lewis

Performers | Courtney Nicholson, Darcie Eckersley, Ximena Blancas 

With Contributions From | Lucy Eidelson


Supported by:

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11th & 12th October 2022

@ Ballers Clubhouse

A deep dive into the ridiculous, social reality of the human condition, Unapologetically, Me highlights the overly repentant nature of society and the social constructs that people vigorously conform to. It is an exploration into the things we constantly apologise for that are just a part of being human. The dancers observe the way people act when they think they are not being watched and look to engage with the question of what it means to be adamantly yourself. 

Choreographed by Jack Birdseye and Angelica Menta 

Performed by Byron Lewis,Tenae Smith, Kristen Cafari, Holly Pearce, Mara Galagher, Ellie Murtagh, Andrea Marsic, Maddie Knight, Gemma Sattler , Xander Soh

Produced by Tenae Smith

Curated by Kristen Cafari 


Past Projects 

Supported by:

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Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at

4th Nov 2022



Somewhere in between a party and a performance. 

One Night Only - Intimate Event

  • 7 Performances

  • 25 Artists Collaborating 

  • DJ's, Music, Art & more

The space will honour the diversity of music, art and dance, featuring emerging artists and collectives who have worked together to develop an experience that nourishes the creative mind and moves the body.

Nourish the mind, move the body. See you at ARTECA. 


In [The] Making  -  March 16th-20th 2022

What Is Art? / What Makes Good Art? / Is Everyone an Artist? / What Defines an Artist? 

How Do You Make Art? / Who Makes Art? / Can Everyone Make Art? 


In the Making explores the questions we ask ourselves as makers and creators. It is a philosophical insight into the creative process and the intertwined nature that all art exists within. In the Making becomes a series of unique artistic decisions that take place within parameters set by a performative movement exploration. 


 In the Making explores the questions we ask ourselves as makers. It is an insight into the creative process and the intertwined nature of art. It is a series of unique artistic decisions. 

Curated by: Kristen Cafari & Tenae Smith
Cast: Byron Lewis, Angelica Menta, Misch Kurzeme, Enzo E. Nazario, Jack Birdseye, Mara Galagher, Ellie Murtagh, Holly Pearce.

Contributors: Ruby Paterno, Meghan Bassett

Supported by:

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